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    The family-run company that is Avoca today has been started as a manufacturer back in 1723 in Ireland now passing from generation to generation. Company’s main activity is the production of high-quality children’s clothes: sweaters, scarves, mittens and especially kids blankets. Children’s clothing is available for all ages.

    Manufacturing of Avoca kid’s clothes and Avoca baby blankets is done manually. The advantage of this brand is the use of natural materials in the manufacture of children blankets, namely natural lamb’s wool, which takes special handling and preparation, and then used when sewing blankets. Cashmere can also be used by Avoca to produce famous kids blankets.

    Branded baby blankets are very soft, pleasant to the touch, sometimes decorated with fringe. Avoca design and colors are bright, pleasant, and are therefore suitable for both boys and girls. These must-have baby products newborns will love, toddlers will enjoy and expecting parents will find essential to have on their baby registry. Avoca rugs, throws, blankets in natural fibres – 100% pure lamb’s wool, mohair, cashmere, angora, even cotton and linen make homes beautiful, people stylish and life cozy right across the world. From Berlin to Boston, Dublin to Dubai, Sydney to San Francisco, Avoca handiwork children blankets gives pleasure as it has done for just short of 300 years. 

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