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    All parents want to choose for their children and babies only the best clothing and toys. They pay attention not purely to the design, which is mostly appreciated by children, rather they consider the quality of the products. If we are talking about the protection of our children, this is evident that all parents would like not to have a compromise with quality. And this is what Luvali designers can guarantee – quality is the priority. The fact that this kids fashion brand was organized and developed by a family,  it is already a good point. Added the perfect reputation, Luvali designer managed to earn for its great collections with reversible and changeable pieces, there is no wonder that this brand is nowadays one of the well-known in the children market. As soon as summer comes, most of the children adore spending a lot of time outdoors, this will for sure do better for their health, under the condition that they are protected from sun rays. Luvali presents charming cotton UPF 50+ sunhats. These hats are not simply perfect additions to summer kid or baby outfit, but also guarantee protection from the sun. Bucket hat from Luvali boasts a UPF 50+ and is available in two colors, because it could be worn with the reverse side as well.

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