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    You probably have never met a child, especially a girl, who wouldn’t like doll’s houses. To the same extent as adults pay attention to their own houses, children like taking care of their dolls and toys. Starting from the 1945 Lundby managed to develop a lot of collections of doll’s houses and electric power lighting systems with numerous accessories, with the only aim to bring a lot of fun to your children, making their games more than simply realistic. There are special sets of tiny furniture created, which is so comfortable for small children fingers and hands. The quality of these products is known for generations of customers.  If you want to purchase an amazing gift for your child, consider the house with three spacious rooms, a rooftop garden, pool and second floor patio, the Stockholm Doll’s House from Lundby. It is perfect for role playing either for one child or for a group of children. There is really a lot of space for imagination and activities. There is a nice set of dolls, constituting a family. If you have already purchased a doll’s house and want to add something new to it, there is Smaland Winter Set from Lundby.

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