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    It is natural for all girls to be interested in stylish and fashionable apparel, probably it is laid from birth. Even the baby, who is only a few months, already smiles charmingly when only she is wearing a cute dress. The problem that parents of young coquettes face is selection of children’s clothing. Today there are many brands on the market, but most of them, the so-called mass brands, rarely offer something truly interesting and original. In addition, manufacturers usually severely limit the age for which their products are designed. When only one gets used to one brand, as the baby grows and one have to search again, study, analyze and find the best clothes for a little girl. If you try to do everything in your power in order to give your beloved daughter the perfect outfit for every day and for special occasions, you will surely enjoy the products of the Italian brand Loredana. This is one of the most famous brands for children, not only in Italy but worldwide. This trademark was founded back in 1950 by the family couple and named after their young daughter Loredana. For more than half a century, the famous Italian company strives to give the little girls unique style and beauty of things.

    Loredana Baby Clothes

    Loredana is very proud to be “Made entirely in Italy” brand name and baby clothes and accessories – all is made with love by Italian masters. From the first days of your baby Loredana can take care of his/her comfort providing with pink padded snowsuits or padded red/pink satin blankets, or baby nests with floral prints. Maybe you are looking for natural cotton babygrows, no problem, Loredana has it for you. Need first baby shoes? Take a look on Loredana pink pre-walkers with fur pom-poms or on very Italian prewalkers with red&green bow.

    For young parents Loredana proposes such useful designer accessories like changing bags, changing blankets.

    Loredana Girls Italian Apparel Online

    In the modern world young girls are so lucky to have an opportunity to wear the best designer clothes and accessories. Even if you live in the USA or in the United Arab Emirates or in Australia you can easily buy Italian designer clothes for your girl and vice versa. Online shopping on our website is very easy and fast way to buy Loredana for your lovely girl.

    The great variety of materials and colors:

    • denim culottes
    • neoprene dresses
    • jersey coats
    • cotton boleros
    • crepe & leather blouses
    • velvet trousers
    • satin dresses etc

    In its collections Loredana like to use floral prints, graffiti prints, butterflies prints, sparkly materials, bright colors like bright green or bright red. Also, you can find very gentle girls apparels in pink, ivory, white colours.

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