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    Development of children imagination, creativity, revealing their artistic views and talents is possible not only with the help of toys, but also with the help of various forms of art. One of these forms is photography. Lomography devoted a lot of effort to the development of creative and experimental photography. There are so many events and objects in life, which are good materials for creative snapshots. This is a great possibility to provide freedom to your children to capture exactly those objects, which are interesting to them at this moment, to see in them some unexpected features and characteristics. It is really important to let children use their imagination in this process. Classic Fisheye2 camera from Lomography can boast with premium Japanese lens. Your child will be fascinated by the results, which he would be able to get from this camera. Unexpected shots would cause deep emotions. Starting from the age of 12, your child would get an outstanding possibility for becoming a real photographer. For real ladies there is a special offer – in an intense pink hue, the Lomography Superpop Sprocket Rocket girls camera. This camera would introduce your child to the world of analogue photography.

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