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    In order to develop taste and subtle understanding of the surrounding beauty in their children from the early years, a lot of parents pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere and details, which surround their children everywhere, and first of all at home. Often it is not that easy to do it themselves and this is the reason why they prefer to choose the best pieces from the collections of the famous French designer – l’Oiseau Bateau. Backpacks, baby cushions, light nights – these are only some examples of the options, provided by this designer for the caring parents. All the accessories are charming and were developed especially with consideration of children needs and perceptions. The tenderness and versatility of the designs could be explained by the fact that the founder of the brand found her inspiration in her daughter – a girl, who adored boats and birds. All the kids accessories are made with consideration of children emotions and personalities, adding brighter notes to their space and with the ability to use them with some concrete functions. There are a lot of toys, which would for sure sustain their attractiveness for your child, inspiring the development of his creativity and imagination.

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