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    Football is the kind of game, which attracts fans from all over the world. Adult, as well as kid fans have their favorite teams and football stars. Liverpool FC is known since 1892. It has already an international fan base and is situated in Anfield. There is a wide choice of kits and shirts, providing the possibility for your child to become closer to his favorite players, at the same time attracting the attention of boy and girls towards sports. Warrior official Liverpool Football Club personalized Gerrard away kit is bright and perfect for the passing of the football spirit to your little one. The set is produced with application of special breathing materials, thus if you boy is active enough, he would hardly experience any discomfort during any kind of weather. Replica away game kit is made from material, which was specially designed by technologists for sportive kid activities, thus you could be sure that irrespective of the activity of your child, he will not experience any problems. L.F.C. logo and their sponsors add a realistic image to the set. Matching socks makes the general child outlook finished and stylish, needing no other additions.

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