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Little Cloud

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As soon as baby is born, everything changes immensely to the family, the mode of life, the schedule, the priorities, and the atmosphere at home. There is a new member of the family, seizing absolute control over the minds and the hearts of the adult members of the family. All of them are doing their best to purchase only the best things for their tiny newcomer, clothing, accessories, toys. Claire – the founder of Little Cloud, had inherited the first sewing machine from her grandmother. This allowed the girl to develop her passion for sewing and design from the early years. The fact that the designer arrived from France has probably some slight impact upon the collections produced by her. There are always romantic and tender notes, which are so much associated with small children and babies. The kids accessories of this designer are handmade, adding a touch of privacy and individuality to each of them. Purchasing gifts and accessories, you could be absolutely sure that they would bring joy to your child. All prints are children–friendly, they are lovely and associated with babies and play spaces. If your child has any problems with sleep, there is a good way out – delightful mobile from Little Cloud would become the best friend of your baby.

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