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    Summer time is the period of active rest, of getting a lot of sun for a better state of health for the coming winter. All parents are aware of the fact that only limited doses of sun could be positively perceived by children of any age. This means that one of the primary tasks of any parent during summer time is to take care of the safety of his child. There are a lot of options of various types of sun protection for children, depending on the concrete situation. Thus the Mountain Sun Cream range by LifeSystems is perfect for applying at high altitude. Such characteristics as SPF 25 sun cream with 5 star UVA protection would help you to guarantee protection for the whole family from the sun rays. Another serious danger is hidden in water, especially if you are traveling and are not used to this or that type of water, the Chlorine Dioxide Tablets from Life Systems kills bacteria in water, leaving no specific taste afterward. This is the most effective way to provide disinfection of water, when you are not at home. Often parents take their children to travel to some remote places, to show them the wildlife in nature, then it is necessary to take care of such safety means as pocket torch, the Ultralight 220 Lumen uses unbreakable CREE LED.

    For children, sun screen creams are not the only way to protect the kid and baby. You can consider special swimming suits, sunhats, floating protecting suits – all these can really block the sun, so your child can stay on the beach longer and safer.

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