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    Most of the parents of small kids wonder, if it is generally possible to keep their children clean. In most cases they fail to do it, and there are only two options, either to wash clothing constantly or the better one is to choose the baby accessories, suggested by Les Pascalettes. Charlotte Pascal – the founder of this mark, had herself two girls, this allows to state that she had enough experience with small children and taking care of them. Thus there is no wonder that she took the decision to use her knowledge and imagination for creating a famous brand, producing innovative bibs, which are made of sumptuous fabrics. A lot of attention is certainly paid to the design, as most of the children wouldn’t like to wear something, which they don’t like visually. At the same time all the classical advantages of Les Pascalettes bibs were thoroughly considered, which resulted in creation of a unique collection of beautiful and functional bibs with Peter Pan collars, cute prints, intricate details. These bibs are perfect for using during meals, allowing keeping your baby, toddler, infant clean, and parents in good mood. Featuring a charming Peter Pan collar and pink bound edges the Les Pascalettes bib could be a great addition to your baby girl wardrobe.

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