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    All children and babies adore toys and games. They spend most of their time, playing, as this is their way to gain new experience and knowledge, develop new skills and adapt to the surrounding. Les JouetsLibres is exactly the designer, able to consider all the needs of children and their preferences. Les JouetsLibres designer pays a lot of attention to the graphic design of the produced games, as they should be attractive for children visually, otherwise they wouldn’t like even to start playing. This is the reason why a portion of humor and originality is added to each game. Children like playing their games everywhere when they are waiting for their parents in the car for example or are meeting their friends and want to share their joy. So Les JouetsLibres added the spirit of freedom the games, they produce, children need to experience no borders for their imagination and for their mobility. Generally, the notion of freedom is utterly important for kids when they play with toys, they are growing and developing physically and mentally and this is their way of acquiring new skills and experiences via the most appropriate methods for them. Sometimes these methods are much more many-sided then those suggested by adults.

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