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    Lego is the first association of building blocks for children in the whole world. It is difficult to find a child, who has never played with Lego. For the first time this designer was created in 1940, presenting a collection of bright colored blocks, which could be well combined together in order to build anything, a child could imagine. Separately there were a lot of options of thematically made up sets, contributing to the development of children’s imagination and creativity. This brand is so well-known and so old already that there are generations of parents, who remember themselves playing Lego and they continue to buy new sets for their children. You could be sure that every child would find an interesting set for him, which would correspond to his interests more. If he is interested in architecture or adores films about pirates, if a girl likes animals or dreams of becoming a princess, all of them would for sure find something interesting among Lego sets. Lego Duplo is specially designed for smaller children, the blocks are bigger and it is much easier to operate with them. For older girls there is a separate category – Lego Friends – a lot of thematic sets, which are easy to build and re-build according to the wish of your child.

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