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    If your children adore cricket to the same extent, as one of the biggest world produces – Kookaburra, then you are welcome to browse their collection of cricket clothing and accessories of the top quality. It is possible to find here specially designed and produced cricket bats along with protective equipment. All the kids clothing parts and accessories are made with consideration of professional sport. It is utterly important for all players to feel proud and motivated, because surprisingly the design of the sportive clothing and other products is important not only for physical comfort of the players, but also for their moral spirit. Children want to look stylish and bright, playing their famous game and parents have all the chances to provide such possibility to their children. A lot of movements in cricket are done with the help of hands of the sportsmen, this means that gloves, which they wear, should be designed and produced in a special way. The pair of Kahuna 400 batting gloves from Kookaburra are an obligatory accessory for any kid sportsman, as they guarantee protection and shock resistance. The fingers of the gloves are done with multi-directional flex pads and the combination of leather palm and mesh fabric contribute to ventilation and comfort.

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