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    Kiko+ is one of the leading brands, producing a wide choice of wooden toys and games for your children and babies. Children all over the world are already familiar with this designer. Kiko managed to consider all the peculiarities of children approach to toys and games, the manufacturer produces the toys, which are attractive and inspirational for various ages for boys and girls. Usually, children have their understanding of how to organize their games and what toys to choose. It is necessary to support their initiatives and provide them with the toys, which would involve them into the development of their creativity. Machi London is one of the examples of great games for boys (or girls), there is a possibility to place the cars, busses, buildings on the special platform, creating real streets of a real city. Busses and cars by Kiko are moving, magnets contribute to their stability and proper attaching. You could invite your children to fishing – there are various figures of goldfish, stars, clouds, moon floating in the water and it is a great fun to catch them in the water with the help of fishing rods. There could be one player only; also it is possible to play with friends.

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