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    Parents usually do everything possible to develop creativity and talents of their children. Kikkerland could be one of the designers contributing to this. This designer managed to collect experiences and ideas from all over the world in order to involve them into creating their cool toys. There are numerous original inventions, which would make you smile and your children have real fun. The funky guitar key caps from Kikkerland are the perfect presents for most boys, who like music, or simply like smart things. Various colors and designs are available, in case you need more than one. All modern children have their own earphones, thus the Robo Buddy Ear Buds and Cable Wrap is a super convenient thing for them to keep the earphones in order and not to spoil the cable. Tank Phone Stand designed by Billy Law for Kikkerland is the perfect solution for keeping kid phone safe on the table, if you are surfing in the Internet for example or watching some videos there. It is made of silicone, thus it is absolutely safe for your phone and will not leave any scratches on its surface. Most teenagers don’t like alarm clocks, but the one From Kikkerland- clap-on alarm clock is the cool and practical gadget and would be appreciated by them.

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