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    Bandits is a newly established family-run kids’ wear designer brand. It specializes in creating fabulous outwear for babies and older children aged from 0 to 12 years. The collections of the brand are intended for boys and girls alike. The basic color palette used in fashion designs of the brand Bandits includes black and white, while the design itself is quite edgy. The Bandits brand has its own logo that represents skull and crossbones. It is featured on most of the children’s clothes provided by the brand. This includes jackets, tops, T-shirts, rompers, trousers and especially capes and hats for girls. All clothes are made from authentic cotton material that is soft and delicate to the touch. For its capes Bandits designers use faux fur decorations and trims. Furthermore, such material is very easy to wash in the washing machine. It does not cause shrinkage of clothes and represents an ideal choice for all parents who want to ensure comfort of their babies, toddlers, infants and school year children. The brand also offers transfer tattoos in addition to their fantastic edgy designs of kids’ wear.

                      The brand started its functioning in January of 2015, which makes it a new designer trademark on the market. The designers of the brand began their career from selling black rompers exclusively. However, they managed to quickly expand the range of products, and today they provide not only rompers, but also other kinds of children’s clothes. The Bandits brand was established as a family-run business, and its major goal is to provide edgy clothing of high quality and distinguishable style for children of different age. It is evident that Bandits represents an exclusive brand, which definitely stands out from the crowd. Unlike other brands, it does not offer any repetitive or boring designs. It changes its range of products season after season. This makes Bandits differ from other kids’ wear brands that seem to be always the same without bringing anything new to the children’s fashion. The kids’ wear presented by the Bandits brand is especially created for little babies, young children and toddlers. It reflects the individuality of every child and makes him/her look trendy and feel comfortable at the same time.

                      The brand Bandits differs from other trademarks in terms of color choice as it does not use colorful designs and its major focus is wholly on the monochrome designs featuring skull and crossbones. This makes the clothes of Bandits look unusual and a bit edgy. Since the time of its foundation, the brand has been striving to bring something new to the world of children’s fashion so as to make children look trendy and cool and at the same time enjoy comfort and coziness. The 100% cotton material feels very soft against the child’s skin. Furthermore, unusual design of every piece of clothing will add a new line into the wardrobe of your little kid. The goal of the brand Bandits is not only to create fabulous kids designs that every parent would want to buy, but also to produce clothing that every child would enjoy wearing on a daily basis. This makes this brand unique of its kind and not like any other. Children absolutely adore wearing Bandits clothes, especially girls capes as they are always on trend and never go out of fashion. Such clothes instill a good taste in kids from the early years of life. The brand’s founders strive to diversify the world of children’s fashion bringing a new touch to it and making every child’s dreams come true. The Bandits brand continues to create new designs and styles in order to meet the needs and wishes of parents and their little kids. Every child dreams to look like an adult and the Bandits brand helps them realize this dream so as to always be on trend.

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