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    I Pinco Pallino is a famous brand that specializes in the production of children’s clothing. It was created by the spouses Imelda and Stefano Cavalieri. Except for the apparel, this company also produces children’s shoes and accessories. The distinctive feature of all advertising campaigns of I Pinco Pallino is kids with bright blue eyes and red hair. Mauro Boletti, a friend of the family and photographer and artist, creates photo shoots for advertising campaigns of the brand already for 30 years. Spouses Cavalleri are known not only for the design they create but also for the charity. They carry donations to the Environmental Defense Fund, support children’s charity projects and fund several orphanages in Cambodia. Promotional photo shoots of the company are like fairy tales where children do not play small adults, but still remain children and this is very important for children’s development according to the psychologists. The brand was created in 1980 in Italy. The company is considered to be the most luxurious and directional. Clothes for children of this brand are known for their impeccable quality. All the materials are natural and the quality complies with the world standards and requirements. I Pinco Pallino is what your child needs for being stylish and fashionable.

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