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    Kathe kruse Blue Soft Fleece Waldorf Boy Doll (35cm)  Kathe Kruse Gingham Duck Soft Toy Baby Rattle (17cm)  Kathe Kruse Seahorse Soft Toy Rattle (20cm)

    Kathe kruse Mini Donkey Soft Toy Rattle (15cm)  Kathe kruse Floral Donkey Soft Toy Baby Rattle (18cm)  Kathe kruse Floral Cat Soft Toy Baby Rattle (17cm)

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    Back in 1905 daughter of Kathe Kruse asked a doll as a present for Christmas. In the stores there were only cold lifeless porcelain dolls which, of course, could not cause any warm feeling of the daughter. Then Kathe took a potato and handkerchief and made a doll for her daughter. Thus, the history of the brand has started. The dolls of Kathe Kruse are made to be loved. They become friends, comrades and companions for not only the happy childhood, but also for many years of the adulthood. For the company it is important what feeling does a child have while playing with a doll and how this doll would influence the development of soul, mind and body of a child. Direct contact between the toy and the tender skin of a child requires choosing special fabrics and soft materials. That is why the brand designers prefer using natural materials such as cotton, wool and wool of roe or a deer in the process of production so that to ensure “healthy” touch and feel of a toy. The dolls are released not en masse as each unit contains individual and manual labor. Many details and embroidery are made by hand.

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