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    If you adore cute things surrounding you and your child, if you pay attention to the smallest details and want to have only qualitative and attractive design pieces around you, then Jonathan Adler has a lot to offer you and your children. Supporting the oldest traditions of craftsmanship, Jonathan Adler provides a wide choice of modern and beautiful baby accessories, produced with the motto “If your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it”. There are various styles of cushions, rugs, which would fascinate all members of your family. One of the examples could be lovely crafted foot stool from interior designer Jonathan Adler boasts a delightful turtle-design. The bright colors of it will for sure add a stylish note to any design. It could also become a great idea for a baby shower gift or gift for the parents of a newborn or for a small infant. All children like beautiful cushions with animals, thus the one with blue elephant from Jonathan Adler would be adored by your child. It is really nice to touch, thus your child would feel comfortable with it. There is a zipper on one of the sides, which makes the process of washing it easy and quick. Lion rug from Jonathan Adler would add style to your child’s room and would become one of his favorite toys.

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