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    John galliano Baby Boys Cotton Bodysuit Gift Set (pack of 3)  John galliano Blue Viscose Jersey 'Gazette' Print Mini Dress  John galliano Baby Boys Blue Shark Trousers

    john galliano red silk dress  john galliano Baby Girls Pink Viscose Jersey Dress  john galliano Boys Leather Gazette Print Trainers

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    John Galliano is a trendy, stylish and flamboyant brand of English origin. The brand is famous for its avant-garde collections. Creator was John Galliano. In 1985 John Galliano presents the world created by his own hands eight outfits. Thus, began the history of the brand of John Galliano. Galliano presents his collection at the annual British Fashion Week. In this show, the designer meets with Amanda Harlech, who then becomes his personal stylist. After a while Galliano presents another one of his collections called “fallen angels”. In 1995 Galliano was invited for the post of creative director of the House of Givenchy, a little later he was invited to the House of Dior. John works hard and produces 12 collections a year. After a while John Galliano opened his fashion house, so he also worked in the two houses of fashion. For his efforts, Galliano was repeatedly awarded by prestigious awards in France and the UK. John Galliano broke into the world of high fashion in 1984 and immediately took the leading positions. Designer uses a cut on the bias, sophisticated embroidery, author’s drawings and hand-painted fabrics. In his author’s collections that are released under the name John Galliano one may find even more incongruous things.

    John Galliano Kids Clothes

    John Galliano offers a great variety of kids apparel: cardigans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, denim shorts, casual pants, denim pants, patterned shirts, scarves, down jackets, sleeveless girls tops, skirts, dresses.

    For its kids collections, John Galliano also uses his famous gazette prints and branded logo “JG”. So, if you and your children like luxury clothes you’ll be pleasantly surprised how John Galliano keeps high standards not only for adult collections but also for young customers. 

    John Galliano Baby Clothes & Accessories

    Unfortunately not all luxury fashion designers propose baby collections. The good news that John Galliano has even baby apparel and accessories. 

    For example, for now, you can buy pink, blue or grey colour cotton sleeping sack or romper, bid, hat in the same colors and prints. If you prefer to see your baby in more adult style clothing, you can find perfect black and grey romper with England flag print and JG logo.

    John Galliano is very popular and well known designer, so the kids clothes under this brand name very quickly becomes out of stock. Check our website regularly to get best propositions and new collections.

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