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    All parents are aware of the attitude of their children to toys, all children and babies adore playing with them, especially if they are bright, inspiriting and versatile. At the same time, it is necessary to note that toys play a vitally important role for proper and timely development of children, of their basic skills and experiences, especially for baby and toddler. Janod is one of the best French brands, specializing in the production of wooden toys for infants and children. One of the key advantages of their toys is the application of natural, safe and ecologic materials, innovative designs and creative approach towards the manufacturing of toys for the whole world. The toys are of the top quality, thus you are guaranteed that your children would safely play with them as long as they like. Children adore toys, adore visiting the zoos, thus a bright and inspiring zoo set by Janod, consisting of a jeep and trailer, 5 animals and 2 bushes, would for sure seize the attention of your child for a long time. There is huge space for imagination and role plays, it could be played by one child or with the involvement of several players at a time, boys and girls. A rope attached to the front part of the jeep would allow your child to pull the whole train.

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