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    Jacob Bags Blue Puffer Backpack (42cm)  Jacob Bags Black Puffer Backpack (42cm)  Jacob Bags Pink 'Buckle Up' Quilted Backpack (42cm)

    Jacob Bags Red 'Kitty' School Backpack (29cm)  Jacob Bags Blue 'Cars' School Backpack (29cm)  Jackobs bags Red 'Cowboy' School Backpack (29cm)

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    When going to school, boys and girls require buying not only a lot of clothes, but also a great majority of different accessories. Among such accessories, parents may find pencil cases and bags that are produced by the Jacob Company. These kids bags, backpacks and cases are designed specifically for boys and girls who have a lot of items that should be placed somewhere. As it is known boys and girls are different, but still they have the same needs of placing somewhere different trifles. Jacob Company designers take into account the needs of children and create really comfortable bags and cases that would be suitable for either boys or girls. They can put their pencils, pens and other little things that are so necessary when children are going to school. As parents know nowadays children just like their parents follow the fashion trends and there is nothing wondering. Designers of the Jacob Company create bags, backpacks and cases that are very colorful and attractive for the children. They have interesting and, what is more important, convenient design with the departments for different trifles as well as colorful and funny prints that are so admired by little children. Practicality also plays not the last role.

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