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    Nowadays classical clothing might seem unattractive for children. However, if this is a kind of classics, which was modified according to the current demands and modern tendencies, like it was done by Imoga, then it would for sure attract the attention of children and their parents. All the peculiarities and moods of children are considered in the clothing by this designer, instead of purely transformation of the clothing for adults into the children styles. One of the advantages of this kids fashion designer – is the application of timeless designs and shapes for our children. The girl’s dress by Imoga is a combination of retro style with a modern silhouette. Any girl, who likes to look feminine and smart would adore a Cut from navy lace with retro-inspired red blooms dress by Imoga. There is a hidden zip in the back part, which makes the dressing easier. Brown tee, made from smooth jersey with a little bit of stretch, would be perfect for wearing with jeans under a jacket or as under layer during cold weather. Bright pink heart on the front adds romantic and tender notes to the image.  Navy jersey dress for girls from Imoga looks original and smart, a kind of combination of adult’s elegance and children’s comfort.

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