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    In 1980 Giovanna Miletti has sent her two children to the kindergarten. And she began to sew bibs for babies. Gradually she started to try more complex types of clothing. And now this little house studio grew to the size of a large company il Gufo. Now this brand produces clothing and accessories only of the “luxury” class for newborn babies and up to 16 years old teens, both boys and girls. This brand is known in more than 30 countries. In the United States, in the East, Russia and Europe there are representative offices of this company. All products go through the best possible control. Each process starting from design and ending with sewing is paid special attention. Fabrics for clothing are ordered from the best Italian and foreign manufacturers. Many details must be ordered individually for a specific model, also many clothing items are made by hand. Collections for children that are released by Il Gufo trademark include skirts, shorts, dresses, tunics, shirts and suits. In many models, there are different elements of handmade, lace and insertion. Also in collections of the brand Il Gufo one may find a line of shoes of the most diversified colors and models. That is why one can successfully pick up footwear for children for any outfit of Il Gufo.

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