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    All children like toys, especially if those toys are bright and multifunctional. House of Marble is famous for a wide choice of glass marbles, board games, classic toys, puzzles, various accessories for gardening. All the toys by this designer are of the highest quality, corresponding to all standards for children toys. The pieces of these collections would be appreciated by both children and adults. For the small gardeners, who would like to help their parents, using their own instruments – there is a lovely set, consisting of the most necessary instruments and a comfortable bag for them. Educational tool set that provides children with all pieces which they need to learn the basics of gardening. Children’s backing set is another option of a cool present to your girl, perfect for role plays, for cooking taste dishes for her dolls and playing with her friends, sharing the moments of joy. All the toys by House of Marble are attractive to the children of various ages, as they are of bright colors and stylish design. All the sets are well-packed, which makes them perfect options for making a surprise either for your child or for his friend.

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