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    Sweets are adored by most children. Especially they like those, which look original and unique. Certainly their parents are to pay great attention to the sweets, which they choose to purchase for their children. Hope and Greenwood is one of the leading manufacturers of old fashioned sweets, which at the same time have the modern notes and are constantly updated by the designer, this is really appreciated by the small children. To make real sweet and beautiful surprise for your child – you could choose Christmas Pail full of salted toffee popcorn sweets and salted caramel fudge. It is important to know, that these products are made with application only of natural colors and flavorings. Cool box would add its portion of fun. From Hope & Greenwood, the Best of British gargantuan confectionery jar would be adored by your child, as he will have the chance to dig out his favorite sweets and share them with his friends. Also it could become a perfect addition to kids gift for some special occasion. Flying saucers, Refreshers, Lollies, Rainbow Drops are included. From Hope & Greenwood, the Jolly Christmas Sweets Shake has unusual form, still usual great taste, adding sweet notes to your holidays.

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