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    Wooden toys are highly appreciated by children and their parents. They are made of natural materials and provide a huge space for development of child’s imagination, as they are usually multifunctional. Like for example the toys by Hop & Peck. The collections of the toys by this designer are full of charm and able to bring a lot of happy hours to our children. The toys are made from oak, further the finishing is done with Danish oil, thus this brand is eco-friendly and guaranteeing high quality products of cool design. Depending on the taste of your child, you will be able to make the correct choice for boys or girls. The adorable Baby Bunny Egg cup is great for adding a bright note to the morning of your child, serving the breakfast with the help of lovely bunny, which is associated with Easter and still is not purely Easter accessory. Little wooden duckling toy with soft duck egg blue roller wheels would be perfect for those children, who are starting to walk by themselves and need a nice company for their first walks. It is easy to pull the duckling with the help of the rope; it is also possible to play with it during a small pause.

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