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    Parents are to take care of their children, such designers as Hippychick, are able to provide care for both parents and children, make their lives easier and full of fun. This designer was awarded for the introduction of such innovations as wooden pushchairs, ride-on Wheelybugs and so on. This brand is highly appreciated by millions of moms and dads of the children of various ages. Most parents are to face the problem of carrying a child, which is uncomfortable for both a parent and a child. This Hip Seat from Hippychick is a back-supporting belt with a built-in seat is a revolutionary solution for this problem. Those parents, who have tried it out, were absolutely satisfied with the result. This seat provided the possibility to carry your child in a more natural way, at the same time there is no need to fasten any additional belts or fasteners in order to put child onto it and take it from it, if the child wants to walk. It could be also easily put on the mother or father and be fixed with adjustable fastener. It could be used starting from 6 months and till 3 years. Wallaboo First Aid Kit Sun and Burn by Hippychick would help parents to guarantee safety of their children at any moment of time.

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