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    It is widely accepted that the role of the toys should not be limited to purely entertaining; rather it is necessary to use them for the further development of our children. Hexbug is known by the active participation in toys’ industry with the aim of introducing children into the world of robotics, starting from their early age already. The toys by this designer are bright and attractive, at the same time performing some of the functions of living creatures. The aquabot from Hexbug can really swim in the water. You child would for sure appreciate almost a real fish, especially if he is still too small to have real pets yet. There are various colors available for you to choose the one, your child would like most of all. Most of the children like watching bugs, how they are busy and run rapidly in the grass. The climbing bug from Hexbug’s Nano V2 has multiple functions, which would present a lot of fun to your child. Nano V2 Hurricane Ultimate Free Fall toy from Hexbug is a versatile toy, which would fascinate your small researchers. The batteries are included, so it is possible to assemble it and start playing.

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