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    Toys are adored by all children, irrespective of their age, irrespective of their interests, all of them like to play with toys. Parents are nowadays aware of the importance of the toys for mental, physical, psychological development of their children and thus do their best to provide access for their children to the high quality safe and bright toys by this designer. Heritage Toys developed a certain concept, related to the iconic Britain. These toys would be appreciated not only by children, but also by tourists, as they have strong historical collections to the traditions in England. For some people they would be related to their childhood memories, for others – they would become a contribution into their historical and cultural knowledge. For children these toys are guaranteed to bright long hours of joy and fun, developing the best qualities of their character and motivating them for activities and imagination. These toys could involve all members of the family into mutually joyful activities. Heritage Toys wooden soldier skittles – is a set of ten wooden soldiers and two balls. This game could be played by children and by adults, bringing them equal potions of fun.

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