Headztrong children’s ski helmet covers

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    Winter sports are adored by most adult people, as well as their children. Spending a lot of time outdoors, involved into physical activities, has without any doubts absolutely positive impact upon physical and mental development of our children. Thus parents are to encourage their children to be involved into winter sports as much as possible, at the same time not forgetting about their safety and comfort. Absolutely innovative and unreal helmets’ kids’ collections were created by Headztrong. One of the brightest examples could be cute floppy rabbit ears as well as scary shark fins. Depending on the taste of your child you would for sure be able to select the most appropriate option for him, for having fun on the slopes and feel safe and comfortable. Important is the universality of those covers, as they could be put over any of the child’s helmets, sometimes they pass even to the adult helmets. Most of the girls would for sure like to choose the white snow bunny among the rests of the options. For boys – one of the most popular designs was  Headztrong’s new ‘ReinDear’. The additional advantage is a bright and nice individual bag for each kid helmet product, which would be ideal for transportation or storing.

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