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    Modern life could not be imagined without the application of new technologies. Certainly, our children are also involved into the world of technological innovations. Cell phones, tablets, computers, headphones a long time ago became essential parts not only of the life of adult people, but also – of their children. The famous Swedish designer Happy Plugs created an original collection, utilizing the concept – What Color Are You Today? This doesn’t mean however that this designer uses simply various colors for the collections created, rather only those colors, which are in the highest trend in the actual season. In 2013 this designer was awarded Sweden Guldknappen fashion award for Best Accessories. Cerise earphones from Happy Plugs are compatible with any phone or tablet, have built-in microphone and remote. If you are looking for a cool and stylish gift for your teen girl – you could be sure to have found it already, as you will be able to provide a lot of music and fun for her for every day of her usual life. Cobalt blue earphones from Happy Plugs look extremely stylish and are of the highest quality, they would add charm to your boy’s outfit, as well as create the musical atmosphere for him.

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