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    On the European continent as well as in the USA, Asia & Astralia the Dutch brand Hanssop has become very popular. Under this mark one produces clothes for babies as well as a separate line of clothes and accessories for elder children. A wide selection of children’s shorts, pajamas, shirts, tops, t-shirts and bodies may be found in the collections of this trademark. As for the material, as a basis, designers take 100% cotton for its exceptional quality characteristics. It does not cause allergic reactions and is harmless to children’s and especially babies health. It is worth noting that the original Dutch brand Hanssop was born in 2000, revealing a completely new phenomenon on the fashion market. At the first stage, the company’s designers have created a collection of underwear for children. Eventually, Hanssop began to manufacture as well clothing for newborns. Dutch brand has started to actively develop by offering the market completely new options of quality clothing and underwear. All the collections are performed in warm pastel colors which makes them even more attractive for both boys and girls. It should be noted that all of the outstanding models are easily washed and pleasant in everyday wear. At the same time, these clothes retain their initial attractive appearance even if your child wear them for a long time.

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