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    Han Blomst is a unique kids accessories designer, managing to unite the two different cultures, Danish and Japanese, practicality and simplicity, style and design. The inspiration was driven from the daughter of the designers, as an attempt to create an artistic reflection of the unique character and harmonious consolidation of the two cultures. The material, which is used for the production of these great kids feeding accessories, is recycled plastic, which certainly allows you and your children make your own contribution to the protection of the environmental practices. Which is highly important nowadays and should be meaningful for our children from their early years. Colorful and bright details of dining sets would for sure bring a lot of joy and laughter to the dinner table for your family. Any child would appreciate those lovely designs, featuring orange sheep, blue elephants, pink swans and so on. If you have several children, they would be fascinated by the idea to identify their own mugs and plates with the help of those prints and designs, getting a portion of joy during their dinner time. The name of the designer, Han Blomst, is also a piece of artistic spontaneity – both words, if translated to English – mean flower, which was the first word, pronounced by their daughter.

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