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    Two famous cricket bat manufacturers once took the decision to create the brand under the named  – Gray-Nicolls. Since that moment this name is strongly associated with top-quality sports accessories, including the famous “Steel Spring” and the first shoulderless “Superlite”. The set of Gray-Nicolls 25″ Club Cricket Stumps, consisting of six wooden stumps and bails would become a perfect option for school or club application for your child. This set would contribute to keeping your kids busy during summer time.  It could be perfectly used for home practicing, as well as for performance on the field. Gray-Nicholls white Elite thigh pad is an important accessory for the children players. There are two velcro fastening, which guarantee its perfect feet and comfort. All parents are aware of the fact, how dangerous could be cricket for their kids, under the condition of non application of all the necessary safety means, especially if we are talking about children. Thus this thigh pad is a must for your child’s safety and your calmness. As soon as you boy feels absolutely secure in this hard-wearing protection, there are all chances for him to be concentrated purely on the game. Gray-Nicholls white Oblivion kids wicket keeping gloves look stylish and are specially designed for this type of sport.

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