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    As soon as children appear in our families, our constant business is taking care of them in all possible life situations. We want to secure comfort and safety for kids, especially, when we are not near them. Lunchbox – was a great innovation for providing a perfect chance to the children not to miss the lunch, as it will be carefully and neatly packed for them. All products by Goodbyn are BPA and Phthalates Free, which is vitally important for the health of our children. The design was especially worked out with the consideration of a child’s needs and peculiarities. For example, the tabs could be closed and opened without any additional efforts, thus could be easily opened and closed even by younger children. The color, used by Goodbyn, is a good option for children, who usually prefer bright colored things. Their functionality fascinates most parents, as these lunchboxes could be used for school, for trips and picnics, adding comfort and fun to the lives of our children. The blue Sandwich box from Goodbyn could be perfect for everyday’s use for your child; there is one compartment and well designed lid, one of the key advantages – is the possibility to use in the microwave.

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