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The past of duffle coats is steeped with the sea air and salty spray of waves. One should say thank you for the special dense woolen fabric “duffle” to the Belgian fishermen. And for the classic style of the coat children coat by Gloverall to the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom to which duffle coat served faithfully during the two World Wars. This comfortable kids wool coat retains heat well and resists the wind and rain. During the fifties, Harold and Freda Morris who owned the company “Gloves and Overalls” started to produce different special clothes: industrial gloves and cotton overalls. In 1951 they received the remains of the army duffle coats that were lying on the military warehouses and made them available to the public. The title has rapidly evolved into more sonorous “Gloverall” and with the release of some popular movies where the major heroes were wearing duffle coats the demand on this product has rapidly increased. Gloverall brand started to produce this part of the wardrobe for everybody, for children and adults, for boys and girls from 2 to 14 years. Nowadays this trademark is also known for the production of classic duffle coats for children that are made in the best British traditions. Children and their parents simply admire wearing these coats that are known for the sense of comfort and great design.

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