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    One of the leading designers, producing top quality adventure sports accessories is Giro. It is known by all sportsmen, whether they are professional or not, that there is a strong need to purchase the high quality helmets and goggles, before starting up skating activities. Especially this is vitally important for our children. Certainly, all parents want their children to participate in their sportive activities and be healthy, thus it is necessary to take care of the safety and comfort in the first line. The constant customers of this designer are aware of the continuous introduction of innovations and improvements into the styles, presented here. At the same time the functionality of the products by Giro designer is usually highly appreciated, adding here also bright and original design. You could be sure, that your children would have a lot of fun on the slopes, developing their skills, and parents would feel sure about their safety when kids wearingGiro helmets. For small cyclists, there is a huge choice of bright bike helmets. Different forms, original design, bright colors and prints – these are the key features of those helmets for children, both for boys and girls.

    Of the highest importance is the ideal fit, thus you will for sure avoid convincing your child to put on the safety helmet.

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