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    Winter time is the time for all parents to take care of purchasing warm and comfortable clothing for their children, irrespective of their age. Certainly special attention should be paid to the choice of underwear. The best option is certainly the thermal underwear for both boys and girls. The major characteristics of thermal underwear are related to its warmth and comfort, which are gained with the help of special high quality materials, maintaining warmth and being rather thin, to be put under the usual clothing. If you are looking for leggings separately, then pay attention to those by CeLaVi. Being made of soft fine knitted pure merino wool, they are thin and stretchy enough, to become a kind of unnoticeable layer of clothing. Wool is without any doubts considered to be one of the best materials for the cold time of the year, able to absorb moisture, at the same time regulating the temperature of the body. The lovely design of the leggings allows wearing them separately with corresponding top. There is also a possibility to purchase a top of the same color and type, to make a cute set to be worn under usual clothing or as separate set.

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