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    When we are choosing clothing for our children, we certainly want to have the best quality and the most comfortable variants for them. When purchasing underwear, we usually pay attention to the materials, it is made of, to the type of design, depending on the age of the girl and her tastes. In this category you will be able to find various options for baby girls, as well as for older girls and teenagers. There are also sets of pants, nicely packed, in case you are looking for a nice present. The bright and lovely bloomers are presented here by Lemon Loves Layette. It is possible to wear them as shorts in combination with a top or to put them with a dress or skirt for hiding diapers. They are made of super soft cotton, thus causing no discomfort for your baby girl. La Perla soft cotton jersey knickers look extremely tender and lovely and would serve a perfect addition for some special occasion dress, for hiding the diapers. Short style knickers by CeLaVi are suitable for small girls, as well as for older girls. They are made of super soft cotton jersey, thus you could be sure of their quality and comfort.

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