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    Handbags became a part of female image long time ago. They were used in Ancient Egypt already, however they were worn not in hands, but were put around the waist. Both men and women carried them and liked making some unique decorations on their bags. Modern bags actually continued these traditions, there are numerous forms and types of them, with all possible stitching, patches, decorations, stones and so on. There are some many small items nowadays, which ladies want to carry with them, including cell phones, keys, cards, tablets and so on. It is not possible to imagine a woman or a girl, going out her home without a handbag. There are a lot of various styles of handbags. Those from Armani Teens or Roberto Cavalliare glamorous copies of the handbags, which a woman would choose when wearing a classical coat and a dress for example. Parrot bags belong to a more sportive and teenager style. Sonia Rykiel Enfant handbags could be used as everyday variants or as bags for sport activities.

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    anya hindmarch Blue 'Workout' Tote Bag (52cm)  Dolce & Gabbana Red Satchel Bacpack (33cm)  DKNY Padded Logo Bag (33cm)


    Ralph Lauren Printed Tote Bag (39cm)  Monnalisa Girls Black Lips Handbag (29cm)  Dolce & Gabbana Ivory Lace Handbag (18cm)
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