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    It is difficult to imagine a modern teenager without a backpack. Both girls and boys like to have backpacks for going to school, to sports and so on. Initially, the grandfather of modern backpacks was a usual sack, put on the shoulders. People in ancient times already realized that it is much easier to carry something using both shoulders. Today, backpacks are mostly smaller in order to adapt them for everyday use, like for example for transporting of usual school materials from school to home and back. Thus most students pay a lot of attention and time when choosing a proper, attractive and fashionably looking schoolbag or backpack. Some parents like to buy the backpacks with padded shoulder straps in order to make it easier to carry all the educational or other materials. Backpacks from Elodie Details or Ralph Lauren could be used exactly as schoolbags.

    However some girls like using backpacks as a purse. They are relatively small and are usually associated with young girls, like for example those from Loredana or Parrot.

    Jacob bags are bright and suitable for the students, who only start going to school and are still carrying toys with them. Cute prints make them attractive for both girls and boys.

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    John Galliano Union Jack Gazette Print Bag (50cm)  Dolce & Gabbana Blue Tartan Leather Satchel Bag (35cm)  Lacoste Red Backpack (41cm)


    Elodie Details Black & White Small 'Graphic Grace' Backpack  Dolce & Gabbana Tartan Pull-Along Backpack (45cm)  Diesel Kids Black 30th Anniversary Backpack (42cm)


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