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    European Culture is an Italian fashion brand founded in 1999. European Culture is famous for Italian fashion clothing, manufactured by DFP International SpA company and implementing the successful combination of artistic spirit and active style in design. Brand children clothes are designed for girls from 2 to 16 years. Clothing is created from natural materials made by modern technology. It helps self-expression and individuality, finding a good compromise between the classic and sporty style. Modern technologies are used in the final processing of fabrics. Already finished products are kept in the dye solution at 95 °C for four hours. As a result shades of clothing acquire unique soft colors reminiscent of “the old days”. This process of coloring is one of the key features of the brand because each item has a unique “vintage” look. Children in such outfits look particularly gentle and charming. European Culture children clothes items are developed along with women’s and men’s clothing from the same materials repeating miniature adult’s collection. European Culture outfits harmoniously combine different styles: classic, military, sports embodied in contemporary urban fashion. Elegant active wear girls collection includes cotton tops and trousers, jersey T-shirts and leggings, silk dresses and skirts decorated with laces and ruffles, beautiful blouses and jackets. 

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    Only when you buy high quality children clothing you realise how it is easy and even profitable. There is no need to buy 5 girls dresses for a new season, you can buy only 1-2 and they will look like new even after many washes. There is no need to bring clothes to dry laundry for professional cleaning – high quality natural materials do not need this kind of care. There is no need to worry that your lovely kid skirt became tight after washing machine. When you have a deal with quality clothing label you can be sure that you spent your money smart.

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