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    Denny Rose Young Girl is a children clothes line of Denny Rose brand. This brand was launched in 1988 at an old garment factory. Malpighi Daniela (known to all as Denny) bought the building, reorganized the space leaving all the former workers in their places, and began production of her line of clothing. Currently the brand has three lines of clothing: Denny Rose, Denny Rose Lady (more elegant and refined), and Denny Rose Young Girl – for girls aged 2-16. Cool jeans with lovely appliqués, decorated cotton tops, stylish T-shirts, modern style shorts and long dresses and many other items of children clothes are suitable for wearing outdoors and indoors. Particular attention is paid by designers of Denny Rose to choice of fabrics and yarns. They use only the fabrics produced on the leading factories in Italy. Silk, chiffon, jersey, satin, cashmere, denim, cotton and leather are typical materials for Denny Rose. In addition Denny Rose achieved excellent results releasing a popular line of knitwear: angora and fleece sweaters in different versions. Daniella travels a lot and brings ideas for her new collections from meeting new countries and cultures. A combination of classic, glamour and casual, brightness and fantasy, bold experimentation and unique style – this is Denny Rose.

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