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    Cardigans present a perfect companion for an evening dress for a woman as well as a girl. Often there is a need to put on something warmer than an evening dress itself, at the same time any type of pullover would look terribly on an elegant dress and would cover all the beauty. The type of garment, with open front, like cardigan, is the best option for any great event. The less formal versions of cardigans are usually worn over shirts and blouses. However for formal settings we would offer you the knitted bolero cardigans, with pearls, flowers, bow trims, to make the little princess look elegant, bright, and feel herself comfortable in soft cotton fabrics of Sarah Louise’s cardigans. Tender matching embroideries and cute pearls are simple enough not to mix with the dress, at the same time contributing to the general image. Light calm colors guarantee, that they would be a perfect addition to girl’s most beautiful dress and would help her feel special during her special occasion.

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