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    “Made with Love” is how all baby footwear produced under the popular brand from Giesswein from Austria can be characterized. When the wool passes complex processing on high-tech equipment, it becomes easy and weightless and simultaneously very durable fabric. Designers of the brand hold of classical traditions in wool processing and, at the same time, do not forget to take into account modern trends. The result is stunning as all seams are accurate and the fabric is nice for a touch to baby skin. All embroidery of the clothing is made manually so one can say for sure that every model is unique. Even children shoes are decorated with exquisite embroidery and the sole is treated by the natural rubber and for this reason it does not slip. The attention of the brand Giesswein is also paid to the clothing and footwear for children the models of which are perfectly combined with the adult things. It is of primary importance to make sure that all the materials are natural and children feel comfortable in the slippers of this trademark. Giesswein has gained global popularity owing to the thorough approach to the choice of fabrics and quality of each item. Logo of the brand is the emblem of exclusivity and uniqueness.

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