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    As soon as a new baby appears in a family, the whole life is changed immediately. At the same time, it is necessary to make a lot of changes in the interior with consideration of the child’s needs, as well as take care of purchasing of all the necessary things for baby’s comfort and well-being. A lot of attention is usually paid to the creating of a comfortable place to sleep. Garbo & Friends would be of great help to young parents in this relation, as the bed sets, provided by this designer, are of the top quality and correspond to the highest demands. These duvet sets are made from 100% ecological Cotton Percale. Bumpers are widely used nowadays, as they add comfort to the baby’s bed and parents don’t need to worry about child’s safety during his sleep. Bumpers by Garbo & Friends have nice color palette and long enough ribbons for making cute bows to fix the bumper to the bed. Certainly, great attention is paid to the materials used, thus bumpers are made of 100% ecological cotton filled with non-allegenic polyester padding. A good option is Sleeping bag by Garbo & Friends for newborns, as it doesn’t limit the motions of your baby, at the same time can not slide away as usual blanket.

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