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    The Frye Company was founded in 1863 by John A. Frye, a shoemaker from England. Frye products have a long and illustrious history. The Frye brand can be viewed as a personification of America in the 60s when the US soldiers and cowboys wore the top quality Frye boots. The quality of all Frye shoes is timeless. For almost 150 years, Frye leather products have continued to be benchcrafted from the finest leather. It takes over 190 steps to make one pair of Frye boots. Today the Frye brand is highly recognized on the international market of kids’ footwear industry. Due to exclusive design and high quality, the Frye shoes, specially designed for kids, are so lovely and chic that kids adore wearing the footwear of this brand. The designers combine bright colors with unusual shapes. One of the recent collections of kids’ footwear created by the Frye designers offers comfortable leather pre-walker boots of bright and playful colors for babies. Stylish and impressive cowboy leather boots, chic biker leather boots, and many other models of footwear for boys and girls of different ages. Comfortable leather pre-walker boots of different colors, stylish cowboy leather boots, cool biker leather boots, and many other models are very popular on today’s competitive market.

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