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    Frenchy Yummy is a well-known French kids’ clothes brand that was founded in 1999. The founder of the brand is Christel Vizioli, a person who managed to impress customers by elegance, creativity and affordable prices. The kids’ line of clothing was established in 2003 when the company changed specialization from manufacturing women’s clothing to kids’ clothing. The Frenchy Yummy Company is specialized in manufacturing the ready-to-wear children clothes for kids and babies ranging from 0 to 12 years old. The designers place emphasis on the quality of clothes and accessories, using natural material, top quality textiles, such as 100% cotton, cashmere, and others. The main feature of the brand Frenchy Yummy is the use of Swarovsky crystals which help to make a perfect look for children clothes. Sizes range from 3 month to 14 years. All Frenchy Yummy kids clothing is made from high-quality materials, all prints and decorations, as well as final quality control are held in France. Frenchy Yummy produces very diverse children’s products such as baby, infant or toddler clothing namely: bodysuits, onesies, pants, shirts, swuimsuits, linen and underwear. Three words to describe Frenchy Yummy: luxury, urban-chic, rock’n’roll. Do you think that you and your baby deserve only the best? Then this brand is for you!

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