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    Egmont was established long time ago and since that moment managed to develop the reputation of one of the best publishers of children books and other good for children of the highest quality and original and beautiful design. Most of the girls adore playing with dolls, imitating their mothers, taking care of small children and babies; certainly they would appreciate additional accessories, which would help to make their games more real and versatile. One of such additions could be the lovely pram by Egmont, made from woven wicker and wood. Four wheels contribute to its stability, the bed clothing would add to your girl’s role plays. Sometimes parents are to face difficulties, as their children are either afraid of the darkness or simply don’t want to sleep, when the light is turned down. For such situations there is a perfect solution – the Polar bear lamp from Egmont would become one of the best friends for your child, accompanying him in the darkness. And taking away all of the child’s fears. Charming white rabbit lamp is another option available, producing gentle light, enough for the dark rooms, still not too bright for a comfortable sleep.

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